Wow! Rubik’s cube solved in just a second, see how this VIRAL works…

Wow! Rubik’s cube solved in just a second, watch this VIRAL VIDEO

While solving this Rubik’s cube comes Naki Nau, this game solved this game in a second. You may not believe it, but it’s true

(Photo: Instagram/hydemagician)

Have you ever played Rubik’s cube? Many times you don’t get it on the first try. Sometimes on the second try. But playing this game is a matter of intellect. At the same time, those who play this game in a very short time get the best results. While solving this Rubik’s cube comes Naki Nau, this game solved this game in a second. You may not believe it, but it is true. The video is currently going viral on social media. You will be surprised to see the twist in this video.

In this video you can see two children sitting on chairs. A child gives a Rubik’s cube to another child. Then the child looks at the Rubik’s cube correctly. He is trying to solve it by holding it in his hand. He forms the Rubik’s Cube, and loses the Rubik’s Cube before he can even rub his eyelids. The stopwatch in front of the table shows how long it takes to untie the Rubik’s cube.

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This video has been shared on the Instagram page of an artist called ‘Hyde’. The video was shared with the caption “Rubik’s cube world record: 1.26 seconds.” Everyone is appreciating his unique abilities. Also, after watching this video, people are curious to know how this kid solved this Rubik’s cube in one second. This video appears to be being shared by a large number of people. The video has received 3.4 million views so far. Well-known cricketer Shikhar Dhawan also liked this video.

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Check out this viral video here:

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After the video went viral on social media, people started arguing about it. According to some users, the boy had already solved the Rubik’s cube. Because of that, some users have said that this guy has really set a record. To satisfy everyone’s curiosity, the artist finally goes to the comments section of the video and says that the video is not real. “Just kidding, I’m a magician,” he wrote in a comment.

Website title: The man solves the rubik’s cube in more than a second and shares the truth behind the prp video

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