Why does he work at IPL even though he is a deputy? Gautama on this matter…

Why does he work at IPL even though he is a deputy? Gautam Gambhir was outraged at this question.

When Gautam Gambhir was asked about working in the IPL despite being an MP, he gave a forceful answer.

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Gautam Gambhir, one of the most successful starters for the Indian cricket team, started his career in politics after retiring from cricket. However, his love for cricket has not diminished and he is still associated with cricket. He appeared in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2022) as a commentator or franchise guide. Despite being a serving parliamentarian, Gambhir gave a relevant answer when asked about his IPL and his comments.

Gautam Gambhir is a BJP MP from the East Delhi constituency. As a politician, the former Indian cricketer has opened a kitchen called ‘Jan Rasoi’ in Gandhi Nagar, offering food to people for one rupee. He has also built a library in the area. During a press conference on the BJP’s eight-year rule, Gambhir was asked about his role in the franchise and IPL’s comments. Gambhir, who went from being a cricketer to a politician, said that he would have to work there to continue the welfare work he was doing for the poor.

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Gautam Gambhir said, “Why do I comment or work on IPL because I spend Rs 25 lakhs per month to feed 5000 people? That would be around Rs 2.75 crore every year. I have spent Rs 25 lakhs to build the library “I spend all this money out of my own pocket, not from the MPLAD fund. This kitchen or any other work is not run with MPLAD funds. There is not a single tree in my house that I can make money from.”

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He went on to say, “I just work to make sure I can feed those 5,000 people or build that library. I’m not ashamed to say I comment and work on IPL. That’s the end goal.”

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