“Who buys two lemons for 10 rupees? Let’s call Sharad Pawar”, Solapur’s…


A lemon vendor at Vairag market in Solapur is currently the subject of discussion. A video of this farmer selling lemons has gone viral on social media. In this, a farmer with 10 hectares of orchard expressed his pain by buying a lemon. “Who buys two lemons for 10 rupees? Why should I call Sharad Pawar?

In this video, a lemon seller is seen saying, “Hello, 10 acres of orchard, but no one has given Pora a loan.” A video of a farmer selling lemons at the Vairag market has gone viral. The name of this farmer is not yet known, but it has come to light that this farmer is from the Vairag area.

Watch the video:

In general, farmers are in dire straits as their products fetch a meager market price compared to the cost of production. On the other hand, inflation has increased considerably. It is becoming increasingly difficult for such a farmer to make a living on a daily basis. Similarly, farmers who are surrounded by many problems, such as children’s education and health problems, feel frustrated. That is why there has been an increase in peasant suicides in the country, including the state. In this context, farmers are expressing their questions in different ways. It is also said that this video is a form of expression.

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Sharad Pawar’s understanding of agriculture was often appreciated in political circles. On the other hand, even at this stage of life, Sharad Pawar goes to the farmer’s embankment and understands the question of farming. Therefore, they have a special place among farmers. The farmers in the viral video also try to sell their produce by mentioning Sharad Pawar. Thus, it also shows the influence of Sharad Pawar among the farmers.

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