“Whether it’s a plane or a car”; During Devendra Fadnavis’ Mumbai-Pune trip…

“Whether it’s a plane or a car”; Helicopter photo of Devendra Fadnavis during Mumbai-Pune trip under discussion

Devendra Fadnavis is news for one more thing besides his statements.

These photos are currently being discussed on social media (photo courtesy of Twitter)

Maharashtra opposition leader Devendra Fadnavis is always in the news. Sometimes it is an attack on the authorities, sometimes it is a response to complaints. Devendra Fadnavis is in the news for one more thing besides his statements. For the past few days, he seems to be touring various cities like Nashik, Pune, Mumbai for various jobs and events. However, his fans often ask how Fadnavis finds time for administrative work while he is on these tours. However, some photos of Fadnavis answering this question are becoming the subject of discussion on social networks.

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It just so happened that yesterday Devendra Fadnavis was present at the oxcart race organized by MLA Mahesh Landage in Pimpri-Chinchwad. Around noon, Fadnavis attended the ox-drawn cart race, which is considered to be the largest ox-drawn cart race in the country. Opposition leaders Devendra Fadnavis, Nitesh Rane, Sadabhau Khot, Prakash Javadekar and Praveen Tarde took part in the five-day competition and won the hearts of ox cart owners and enthusiasts. There was talk of the presence of Devendra Fadnavis and Nitesh Rane on the last day of yesterday. Fadnavis arrived in Pune by helicopter from Mumbai in the afternoon to be on site. BJP Vice President of Maharashtra Narendra Patil, who was with him at the time, shared some photos of Fadnavis in a helicopter on Twitter.

“Today I flew from Mumbai to Pune by helicopter with my leader, the popular former Chief Minister, Reverend Devendra Fadnavis and MLA Prasad Lad. Be it a plane or a car, Mr. Fadnavis is always busy with people’s work. In In these photos, Fadnavis is seen reading the documents in his hand.

Currently, these photos shared by Narendra Patil are becoming a topic of discussion on social networks.

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