Viral video: Thief breaks into house to steal; So what happened next? Seeing this …


The video of a thief is going viral on social networks. You can’t help but smile when you see what happened to a thief who broke into a house. Theft is a form of fraud, but thieves who steal are sometimes cheated as well. People are so happy to see his humiliation that only one word comes out of his mouth, this is what should happen to thieves. You will say the same after seeing this viral video.

In this video that is going viral on social networks, you can see that a thief tries to enter the house with the intention of stealing when he sees the door of the house locked. Seeing no one in the house, he initially climbed on the iron bars of the gate and attempted to climb onto the roof. The little dog reaches the door from inside the house before climbing onto the roof. The thief gets stuck when he sees two puppies barking at him. As the thieves were about to duck and run, the dogs came from outside and stood under the door. After that, it’s really fun to see what appears in the frame.

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Check out this viral video here:

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The video shows dogs inside and outside the house waiting for the thief to come down. The poor thief hangs on the door. This hilarious video was shared from an Instagram account called gieddee. People really like this video. After watching this video, people can’t resist the urge to share it on other social media platforms. People are seen sharing hilarious reactions to this video of a thief being bullied.

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