Viral video: the mother struggles to give the child medicine; The boy’s reaction…


In the world of the internet, there is no shortage of desi gaming videos. Every day some or the other desi jugaad videos amaze people. How can a mother be left behind in such a situation? A mother is a mother who does everything she can to protect her children. Mother’s Love and Awesome Jugaad videos have caught people’s attention on social media. In fact, during the last few days, a video related to the mother’s desi jugaad has gone viral. In the video, a mother goes to great lengths to give her child medicine. The child first falls into the mother’s trap. But when she finds out, she gives a very funny reaction.

As you can see in the viral video, a mother has to give her child medicine. At a young age, children generally do not like medicine. The same goes for the boy in the video. She doesn’t ask for medicine. Then her mother cuts up a packet of juice and puts a bottle of medicine in it. She throws straw at him. The child falls into the mother’s trap. She happily comes and takes the medicine in the form of juice and drinks it.

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As he drinks the juice, the child realizes that it is something else, not juice. He immediately takes the straw out of his mouth and steps back. The expressions on his face are remarkable this time. People liked the boy’s reaction. The video has been viewed more than 3.4 million times so far. The video has also been liked by more than 97,000 people. Also in the comments section, people are appreciating mom’s move.

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