VIRAL VIDEO: The mistake of stopping a car at a gas pump is expensive, in the eyes of the viewer…


In the current era, social media is a platform where a large number of videos are uploaded on a daily basis. Some of those videos make people laugh, while others make them emotional. But sometimes surprising things occur to me. Sometimes things happen to us that you may not even imagine. One of those videos just surfaced. In it, a man made the mistake of stopping his car at a gas pump at night. This mistake cost him dearly. The thieves also snatched his eyes out of the car at night. What happened to him after that? Check out this viral video to find out.

The entire incident was caught on a nearby CCTV camera. At the gas pump, a man is seen waiting for his luxury car to refuel. The man gets out of his luxury car and fills his gas tank. A small child was also seen sitting in his car and the man had gone down to buy something to feed him. However, after seeing something like that in the painting, his hands and feet went cold. In fact, when the owner of the luxury car returns, a thief appears in front of him. The thief takes a gun out of his pocket and intimidates the owner of the luxury car.

Seeing the robber with a gun in his hand, the ground slips under the feet of the owner of this car. The thief asked the car owner for the keys to the luxury car. Given that, the owner of the car appealed to release the child in his car. Then you will be surprised to see what the thief did next.

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Check out this viral video here:

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This video has been uploaded to Instagram from suvclub_07 page, this video has more than a lakh views so far. Netizens are also commenting on this video.

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