VIRAL VIDEO: I was making a dance video hidden on the roof of my house, it happened suddenly…


What people do today to go viral on social networks. Currently, many people try to become famous through the reels. It is in this tone that some kisses are usually given that sometimes do not cover the smile. One such video is going viral on social media. In this video, two girls climbed onto the roof of their house and made a dance video. While they are busy making dance videos, something happens and they run away. What exactly happens? You need to watch this viral video first to know this.

In this video that is going viral on social media, a girl can be seen dancing with great enthusiasm even under a scorching sun. Another girl holds a mobile phone in her hand and shoots a dance video of that girl. In this video, the dancer is doing so many amazing dance steps that viewers will stare. The girl is engrossed in making her own dance video. While dancing, the two girls see something on the ceiling, after which they run away.

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Check out this viral video here:

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This video is so much fun to watch. People can’t resist the temptation to watch this video once and for all. The video is widely viewed on social media. The video was shared on an Instagram page called memes.bks. People have started liking this video so much that so far this video has more than 33 thousand views. The comments on this video are just as fun as watching this video. “Why are you embarrassed?” one user wrote. “It’s a shame now, isn’t it a shame when the world sees this video?” People have also given such reactions in this video.

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