VIRAL VIDEO: Babo..! Dangerous trick on a moving bike under the blind.


In the world of social media, everyone wants to be famous. Some people try to stay in the discussion by doing weird things, while others even risk their lives to get likes on photos and videos. It has a special fashion, especially among young people. Many people are successful because of these things that are done to gain fame, but many people are humiliated. The video of one such person is currently going viral.

We all know that nowadays people like to show off. One of those videos just surfaced. In it, a boy gets on a bike at full speed and tries to do dangerous stunts. However, in the end, something happened that brought this stunt to an end. After that, he will think a hundred times before even trying to do a trick or a show.

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In this viral video you can see how this young man stands with his hands hanging in the air on his bike walker. The motorcycle was seen circulating on a road and the young man risked his life in a stunt. The young man is seen taking a selfie video on his mobile phone while he is standing on a big eighty bike. But after a while, the young man, who was in the air, fell down. The young man was literally slapped in the face.

On the other hand, the young man who let go of the handlebars and sat on his stomach tried to control the bike, but also failed. At the sound of the trick, one fell on the road and the other fell into the bushes on the side of the road. Anyone can smile when he sees the scene in the frame.

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Check out this viral video here:

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This hilarious video is currently circulating on social media. The video was shared on a page called bhutni_ke_memes on Instagram. People are commenting on the video. Everyone says that young people should not risk their lives in this way. Stay away from those who do such dangerous stunts. After watching the video, one user said that people don’t really care about their lives in the sound of stunts. Another wrote that it was a deadly trick. Despite this, many people have commented on this video.

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