VIRAL VIDEO: A seagull steals from a chucky supermarket, worth Rs 29,000…


Each animal, bird, creature has its own uniqueness. Monkeys behave like humans and parrots are good at talking. But what if we told you that some birds are also thieves? You will believe. Currently, a video of one of those birds is going viral on social networks. Who stole from a supermarket. If this is true.

You may have seen robbers and shoplifters wearing masks at night. But you can’t believe your eyes when you see the robbery by a special thief in this viral video. You will be amazed at how this bird steals. The seagull is none other than the third bird, which has snatched Rs 29,000 worth of food from its beak.

In this video, which is going viral on social networks, a bird named Gaviota can be seen entering a supermarket and fleeing with a package of food. This video is so much fun to watch. The seagull looks around, enters the store, and heads straight for the cupboard with a packet of crisps. Picking up a package placed on the bottom shelf she leaves immediately. Another seagull waits for him on the road and they both leave happily.

Check out this viral video here:

Siegel’s robbery is captured on camera. This video is going viral on social media. The video has been hailed by netizens on social media. which is a sea bird. Several videos of the hunters of him are going viral on social networks. But this is the first time you’ve seen a video of seagulls so abandoned. This video is just as old. But the video once again went viral on social media.

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