Viral video: A lion attacked a leopard, with a single blow ‘Ashi’…

Viral video: Lion attacks leopard, attack with a single blow!

Everyone is shocked to see this video of a fight between a lion and a leopard.

Viral video (Photo: wild_animal_shorts_ / Instagram)

Animal Fighting Video: Many animal videos are going viral on social media. You are surprised after watching those videos many times. Netizens especially like to watch videos of animal fights. One such video is going viral on social media. This video is of a lion attacking a leopard. The video shows a leopard lying comfortably as a lion suddenly attacks it. You can’t believe your eyes when you see what happened after that.

In the viral video, a leopard is seen sleeping comfortably. Suddenly, a lion comes running and attacks the leopard. In it more animals gather there, the next moment a lioness also arrives there. The lion gets angry when he sees her and then the lion does something to the leopard in such a way that the leopard’s condition becomes so bad that he cannot bear it.

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Netizen reactions

This video has been shared from an Instagram account called wild_animal_shorts_. Everyone is shocked to see this video of a fight between a lion and a leopard. The video has received over 3,000 likes so far and has been viewed by thousands of people. Netizens are also commenting on this video. One user wrote: Poor Leopard. Another wrote – The lion did not like the arrival of the lioness.

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