VIRAL NEWS: A three-year-old sheep was killed for killing a woman in Africa…

The sheep you may have seen many times. It is a pet that is kept with people for the sale of milk and meat. Sheep, like cows and buffalo, are said to be calm. But sometimes she is seen in the form of Raudra and in that case she doesn’t even look from side to side to attack forward. A similar strange case of sheep is currently being discussed on social media. No one can believe that a sheep can kill someone. But something so strange happened. A sheep has been sentenced to three years in prison after being found guilty of murdering a woman. You may find this strange at first. Find out exactly what the case is.

This strange case is from Africa. According to I-Radio Sudan, the sheep were arrested earlier this month after an attack on a 45-year-old ADU guy in South Sudan. The sheep had repeatedly struck ADU Chapping in the head, breaking his ribs. A 45-year-old woman died at the scene after suffering serious injuries in the attack.

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Police later said the incident took place at a place called Akuel Yol, east of Rumbek. The sheep was captured and detained at the Maleng Agok Payam Police Station. Speaking to the news outlet, Major Elijah Mabor said: “The owner is innocent and the sheep is guilty, so he deserves to be arrested, then the case will be sent to Customs Court.”

Now, citing local media reports, Ladbibel reports that the sheep will remain in a military camp in the county seat of Aduel in Sudan’s Lake State for the next three years. The sheep’s owner, Duoni Manyang Dhal, will also have to hand over five cows to the victim’s family, a local court ruled.

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Also, the owner of the sheep will probably lose the sheep as a punishment. Because according to the customary law of the region, any pet that kills a person is then given as compensation to the family of the victim. According to Ladbibble, County Manager Paul Adhong Majak reported that the owner of the sheep and the victim’s family are relatives and neighbors. Both families have signed an agreement with police and community leaders acting as witnesses to formalize the agreement.

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Meanwhile, this is not the first time a sheep has killed a person. Last year, a woman was killed in a sheep attack on a farm in the United States. According to media reports, Kim Taylor, 73, was volunteering at Cultivate Care Farms in Bolton, Massachusetts, when she was seriously injured by a sheep. Shortly after the emergency services arrived, she suffered a heart attack.

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