Video: Radha among teachers for free food after CM meeting; Leaf …

You may have seen long lines for dinner at a wedding or any other occasion. Many of these videos are also often seen on social media. One of those videos has recently gone viral, and you can’t help but smile. The video shows people arguing over dinner. The video is from a luxury resort in Punjab, where Punjab Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann interacted with public school teachers and principals to discuss educational reforms. This video is after this discussion.

What exactly happened?

Prime Minister Mann had called a meeting of government school principals and teachers to raise the level of education, but as soon as the meeting was over, the teachers entered the dining room and fell on the dinner plates. I even saw them bump elbows. The video shows a man in a suit, who must have been an employee of the resort, hurrying the plates to a corner one by one to avoid a crowd of teachers. The video went viral on social media. Now this video is being discussed everywhere.

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Netizen reactions

The video has been shared on the social media platform Twitter under the name ‘Abhijeet Guha’. Users are spontaneously reacting after watching the video. One user jokingly wrote: ‘Make everyone a rooster.’ Another user wrote: ‘I’m curious to know what time lunch was served, because they are very hungry.’

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The Punjab government also arranged AC buses to take the teachers to the meeting place. State Education Minister Gurmeet Singh Meet Hare said the meeting was called to listen to teachers’ suggestions for improving the education system.

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