Video: Did you see the SWAG of ‘Chhotya’ Navradeo Navri?

Video: Did you see the SWAG of ‘Chhotya’ Navradeo Navri?

This unique wedding in Jalgaon is currently being discussed on social media.

There is talk right now of a unique wedding in Jalgaon. The wedding audience was not there to eat and drink but to take selfies with the bride and groom. Now you will say that this is what happens in this marriage and in Navradeva and Navrit. So the specialty of this wedding is the height of the bride and groom.

Insufficient space in Mangalkarya

Sandeep Sapkale, 36 inches tall, passed away with Ujwala, 31 inches tall. There were so many people to see the bride and groom, the main attraction of this wedding, that there was not enough space in the mangalkarya. Many could not resist the temptation to take selfies with the newlyweds.

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The girl who was receiving

Navradeva Sandeep Sanjay Sapkale is an educated young man who lives in the Chowgule plot area of ​​Shanipeth. He has worked in a reputable gold bank in the city. But due to his short stature, he couldn’t get a girl to marry. Finally, after many years, he received an enlightenment message and the search for him was over. Sandeep is 36 inches tall and his partner Ujwala is 31 inches tall. Ujwala is the original Dhulya.

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Both Sandeep and Ujwala were unable to marry due to their short stature. But the two got together and the wedding ceremony ended. All of the couple’s wedding ceremonies were completed with joy. Sandeep and Ujwala looked very beautiful at the wedding. The citizens had gathered at the wedding of Sandeep and Ujwala from a simple family. Due to the height of the two, this marriage is well discussed in Khandesh.

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