Video: A farmer’s successful experiment with organic farming; State government award also…

Video: A farmer’s successful experiment with organic farming; It also won the state government award.

The farmer earns about two lakh rupees per month.

The production cost of conventional agriculture and the market price are decreasing. The excessive use of chemical fertilizers is deteriorating the fertility and health of the soil. Soil fertility is a concern and modern international silk farming can provide new jobs in any season, even with less labor from organic farming. Sakhahari Jadhav, a farmer from Krishnanagar in Igatpuri taluka (Nashik) has shown this to be true.

Sakhahari Jadhav has successfully experimented with growing silk on a one and a half acre farm in a modern way through dripping. The larvae feed on ripe silk leaves or mulberries, for which they have built twenty by fifty sheds. The larvae hatch in about 30 days. His silk goes on sale in Jalna.

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The first mulberry harvest arrives in six months. Silkworms fetch a market price of Rs 500-600 per kg. They are earning around 1 lakh 80 thousand per month. The silk farming experiment has resulted in a good price for silk this year and a record yield of Rs 8-9 lakh per year. Sakhahari Jadhav received the Adarsh ​​Shetkari Puraskar from the Minister of Agriculture Dada Bhuse as well as the Reshim Shri Puraskar from the Silk Directorate of the Government of Maharashtra a few days ago.

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