Uttar Pradesh: Navradeva got dizzy when entering the wedding tent…


You may have often read or heard about a marriage breaking up due to disagreements, financial difficulties, or circumstances that arose at the time. But in Uttar Pradesh, a marriage broke up for some strange reason. The incident took place in the Unnao district of Uttar Pradesh when the girl refused to marry because her husband was found to be bald.

After more than half of the wedding ceremony was completed in the wedding tent, the groom noticed that the bride was bald. After that, the girl refused to get married in the wedding tent. According to IANS, the girl took a position that she would not marry a bald boy and left the marriage in the middle.

It so happened that more than half of the wedding ceremony was completed the day before. The next morning, as she entered the wedding tent, her son-in-law felt dizzy. The son-in-law got dizzy and fell. After that, the groom understood that Navradeva was bald. The groom’s congregations had kept the groom hidden from the groom. However, after realizing that her future husband was bald, the girl refused to marry. Families on both sides tried to persuade the bride to understand. But all these efforts were in vain.

The case then went directly to the police station. However, despite the efforts of the police to mediate, the girl did not agree to the marriage. Finally a panchayat was convened. At that time, the groom said that he had spent 5 lakh Rs 66 lakhs on his daughter’s marriage. Navradeva’s family agreed to repay all expenses to the girl’s parents. After that, Navradeva and all her girlfriends returned to Kanpur without Navari.

The bride’s uncle told the media that the bride’s family did not want to hide the fact that the child was bald. “Before they would have told us that if the husband’s son is bald, we would have told the girl. It is a mistake to expect marriage when it comes to such a moment,” said the bride’s uncle.

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