‘Unique device’ made by a farmer to make birds fly, after watching the video…


People all over the world believe that no one can hold the hand of the people of India when it comes to Jugaad. No one in the world can match the juggling system of India. You may have seen many Desi Jugaad related videos on social media but recently one such Desi Hatke Jugaad video is going viral. In this video that’s going viral, a farmer’s native gameplay has made you think. This is an amazing way for a farmer to get birds out of his field, which even great engineers will be surprised to see.

The biggest problem for farmers is saving their crops from birds. Most birds attack crops after planting, so they eat grain whenever they get the chance. A farmer struggling with similar problems found a way to escape the birds, which you won’t be able to appreciate. Currently, a video of a farmer’s desi jugaad is causing a panic on social media.

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The video shows a tin fan on one of the poles, swaying in the wind. Further, a boat is placed, so that when the wind blows, the fan mounted with the help of nuts and bolts begins to rotate, and the boat begins to move. This unique farmer’s device will be able to keep birds away from crops.

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Netizen reactions

The video has been shared from the techzexpress account on the Instagram social media platform. This video is getting a lot of likes and likes on the internet. At the same time, after watching the video, users are appreciating the indigenous struggle of the peasants.

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