Uber Cab reserved at midnight; When asked how long it will take to get to the driver…


In India, people who use wet taxis or Uber often face strange situations. You too may have had some amazing experiences with Ola or Uber drivers. Many times Ola or Uber drivers refuse to come to you because they don’t want to go where you want to go. Not only that, sometimes the driver refuses to go himself, then you ask him to cancel the trip, but he refuses and asks you to cancel the trip. This has happened to many people.

Now a new phenomenon has emerged, which is currently going viral on social media. When a woman noticed that her taxi driver was not going to her pick-up point, she asked the driver if she would come pick her up.

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Or the woman asked him in Hindi: ‘Aap aa rahe hain na?’ The woman got the most unexpected response yet. He assured her that he would definitely come for her, but that he would be late because she was eating paratha. The driver also said that she had only eaten half of the paratha and that she would pick it up as soon as he finished. To the woman’s question, he replied: “I will come one hundred percent, I am eating paratha, I have half left. I told the truth. “

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The passenger tweeted a screenshot of her chat and wrote, “I hope to have the same honesty in my life.” She hid the driver’s name and photo on the screenshot. This tweet from a woman has a lot of likes.

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