Two photos posted on Instagram by ‘KK’ shortly before his death;…

Two photos posted by KK on Instagram shortly before his death; The caption read, “Tonight”

On Monday, KK also posted a selfie with his team from the Mumbai airport.

KK died of a heart attack Tuesday night

Famous playback singer Krishnakumar Kunnath aka ‘KK’ passed away in Kolkata on Tuesday night. After suffering a concussion at a live concert in Calcutta, he suffered a massive heart attack and lost his life. He died at 10:45 pm before being admitted to the hospital. He was 53 years old. Fans can’t believe that KK, who sang in front of college students an hour ago, suddenly dumped her. Photos posted by KK on his Instagram account shortly before his death are currently being discussed.

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While KK was singing at a Nazrul Manch program at a university in Kolkata, he began to feel unwell. So she went back to her hotel room. However, his condition deteriorated and he was admitted to Kolkata CMRI Hospital. He died in the hospital. Doctors pronounced him dead before he could be admitted to hospital. He a while ago he shared a photo of the event on Instagram.

KK shared two photos from the event with the caption, “Tonight we are performing songs from the ‘Nazrul Manch’ stage at Vivekananda College, I love you all so much.” These photos were taken from the stage and KK is seen leaning against the camera with a crowd of fans in front of him.

A day earlier, on Monday, KK posted a selfie with his team from Mumbai airport saying he was going to Kolkata for a concert.

In the last minutes of this concert, KK said goodbye to the fans singing ‘Kal Hum Rahe Na Rahein Kal.. Yaad Aayenge Ye Pal’. She had also sung the song ‘Yaaron Dostruti Badi Hi Haseen Hai’ at this concert.

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