Throughout the school, two young people painted and wrote ‘SORRY’


A strange incident has taken place at a private school in the northwest of Bangalore. Some miscreants have painted ‘sorry’ on school grounds. ‘Sorry’ can be seen at the entrance to Shantidham School in Sunkadkatte and on the walls around it. The school administration suspected that some students were behind this. He has reported the incident to the police.

CCTV footage shows two young men riding a bicycle. They both carry a large bag in the shape of a delivery man, which is usually used for food delivery. This time he was seen removing the paint and writing ‘sorry’ all over the place. Dr. Sanjeev Patil, DCP from West Bengal, said: “Two two-wheelers were seen on the CCTV footage. Efforts are being made to identify and search for them.

According to police, the incident is an offense under Karnataka’s Open Places (Prevention of Disfigurement) Act. ANI has shared some photos of the incident on its Twitter account. He also shared the photos and reported on the incident.

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The tweet read: ‘I am sorry at the premises of a private school in Sankadkatte, Bangalore, Karnataka and on a nearby street. In this case, West Bangalore DCP Dr. Sanjeev Patil said two two-wheelers were seen on the CCTV footage. Efforts are underway to identify and search for them. More information on this case is still lacking.

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