“Those who follow in the footsteps of Amit Shah in the BJP”; Abundant…

“Those who follow in the footsteps of Amit Shah in the BJP”; Hardik Patel’s old tweets go viral

After the beating, Hardik Patel had harshly criticized the direction of Congress and the way the party works.

Tweets about Amit Shah went viral (representative photo)

Hardik Patel, who was the leading critic of the BJP in the Gujarat Assembly elections in 2017 and remained the face of the Patidar movement, joins the BJP today. He will join BJP in the presence of Gujarat BJP State President CR Patil. Before joining the BJP, Hardik Patel tweeted in the morning that he would work as a private in the noble cause of national service. Today, however, Hardik Patel’s tweets against the BJP are going viral. In this, Hardik Patel along with Amit Shah had also made statements against the BJP.

What did Hardik Patel tweet today?
Former Congressional leader Hardik Patel tweeted: “I will begin a new chapter starting today in the spirit of the national interest, the state interest, the public interest and the social interest. I will serve as a young soldier in the noble cause of national service.” under the leadership of the successful Prime Minister of India Narendra Bhai Modi”.

After beating the Congress party, Hardik Patel harshly criticized the Congress leadership and the way the party works. “I lost three years in Congress,” Patel said.

Hardik Patel tweeted on December 16, 2016:

On December 30, 2017, “The right people are not respected in BJP. But what do you do with the ones left behind like Amit Shah’s footprints,” Tola said.

This is why people are now seen trolling Hardik Patel. One person posted a screenshot of the same tweet, saying, “I think Amit Shah has a new pair of slippers.”

Similarly, on March 29, 2017, Hardik Patel tweeted, “Yogi said thugs should leave Uttar Pradesh but Amit Shah came to Gujarat.”

What did Patel say in his letter to Sonia Gandhi?
Hardik Patel, in her letter of resignation to Congress, Interim President Sonia Gandhi had addressed top leaders along with state Congress leaders. “The party leadership behaved as if they hated Gujarat and the Gujaratis. I often tried to draw the leadership’s attention to the problems in Gujarat, but every time I met with the senior party leaders and tried to draw their attention to some problems, found more attention on their mobile phones. “Some leaders were having fun abroad when the country or the party needed them,” Hardik Patel said in the letter.

Hardik Patel also accused Congress of trying to give the right direction, saying that Congress was only engaged in opposition politics and was working against the interests of the country and society. Criticizing Congress, Hardik praised the BJP on the issue of Ram Mandir, GST along with the issue of removing Article 370.

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