“…Then I will give you 10,000 rupees immediately”; Mamata Banerjee…

“…Then I will give you 10,000 rupees immediately”; Mamata Banerjee’s offer to the activist at the Bhar meeting; You too can smile when you hear the dialogue.

“Why is your Madhya Pradesh growing so big?” says Mamata Banerjee

Funny dialogue between Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool activists; The video goes viral

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee lashed out at her overweight Trinamool Congress worker. The video of the conversation between the activist and Mamata Banerjee, who attended the meeting, has now gone viral and is under discussion. As the activists spoke, Mamata Banerjee stopped them and asked, “Can you fall over seeing your stomach grow, don’t you feel better?”

The Mamata Banerjee activists told the activists that sugar and blood pressure did not bother them and that they were in good health. For the next few moments, he was trying to convince the party leaders on how to exercise.

Even Mamata Banerjee did not shy away from this topic. “Of course something is wrong. How can there be such a big Madhya Pradesh?” He said. Even after this, Mamata Banerjee started the reverse investigation.

Conversation between Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool Congress worker

mamata banerjee – You walk?
employee – Daily
mamata banerjee – You eat too much?
employee – I eat bhaji every morning, it has become a habit.
mamata banerjee – Why do you eat bhaji every day? You can’t lose weight that way.
employee – But I also exercise three hours a day.

This time Mamata Banerjee made a demonstration and said that she makes 1000 Kapal Bharati a day.

About this Mamata Banerjee said that it is not possible. Mamata Banerjee said if you show me 1000 Kapal Bharati now I will pay Rs.

Website title: Mamata banerjee commented on the weight of the tmc worker saying how can you have such a giant madhya pradesh?

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