The explosion of an electronic teddy bear received as a wedding gift; Her nephew with her boyfriend…


A 25-year-old newlywed and his three-year-old nephew were seriously injured when an electronic teddy bear exploded on May 13 in Gujarat’s Navsari district. This teddy bear was a gift for the girlfriend. In the incident, the bride’s father had filed a case against the couple who lived with her, who was separated from her eldest daughter on suspicion. He has been arrested by the police.

According to the information received, Latesh Gavit, 32, from Mindabari village in Vansada taluka, Navsari district, was married on 13 May to Salma Harishchandra Gawli, 28, a teacher from the neighboring village of Jangpur. On Tuesday, Latesh and his nephew Jiansh exploded while opening wedding gifts.

Speaking to The Indian Express, the bride’s father, Harishchandra Gawli, said: “Letesh received a beautiful teddy bear as a wedding present. He plugged the teddy into the switch board and the button blew up, injuring both Latesh and Jiansh. Harishchandra said that Salma and the rest of the family were in other rooms and left after hearing the explosion.

When asked about the teddy bear, Salma said the gift was given to her by Aarti Patel, an Asha activist from the neighboring village of Kamboya. Talking to Aarti about it, she said that Raju Patel had given this teddy bear as a gift to the couple. Raju Patel, who is already married, was the life partner of Salma’s older sister, Jagruti. The two have been living together for five years and have a daughter.

Vansada Police Sub-Inspector VN Waghela said the accused Raju Patel had confessed to the crime and further investigations were under way. Ever since Jagruti left him three months ago, Raju Patel was angry with Jagruti and his parents, so he planned to teach them a lesson. Instead, Navradeva and her nephew were injured in the explosion.

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