The electricity supply to the town was cut off so that the beloved could be found in the dark; Three …

It is said that love is blind. It is said that a person in love is ready for anything. But in doing so, the lover often does not think that her actions will harm others. Something similar happened in Bihar. It has come to light that a lover here has cut off the power supply to the entire town for his sake.

Read exactly >> As soon as the wedding began, the light went out and there was confusion; I married my sister’s future husband in the dark.

It so happened that in the village of Ganeshpur in the Purnia district of East Bihar, the villagers caught an electrician red-handed. This electrician used to cut off the electricity supply to the entire town so that he could meet his beloved in the town taking advantage of the darkness. Well, not only did he do this once, but he also visited his beloved many times before by cutting off the power supply like this.

The Ganeshpur villagers understood that the power supply in the surrounding villages is normally uninterrupted. When he asked about this, he noticed that electricity was flowing in his village. For the last few months, the power supply in the village was cut off for two to three hours at night. This had disturbed the villagers.

While asking about the problem of power outages in other villages, the villagers realized that it was not happening in other villages. After that, they decided to find out why this was happening in their village, The Tribune reported. The villagers were shocked after a thorough investigation into the matter. The villagers learned that the village electrician was cutting off the village power supply to meet his beloved.

The villagers set a trap for him, grabbed the electrician by the arm, and washed him down. He was beheaded and his body was taken from the streets of the town. His love affair had angered the villagers as they had been living without electricity for hours on end for no reason for the past few months.

The electrician confessed that every time he wanted to meet his girlfriend, he cut off the power supply. However, after expressing his anger, the villagers arranged the marriage of this electrician with his girlfriend in the presence of the Sarpanch and the Punch people. The head of the local police station, Vikas Kumar Azad, said that no complaint had been filed with the police over the matter.

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