The ‘copy and paste’ habit; The bank employees put Rs 1.5 crore in the wrong account…


As much as Rs 1.5 crore was transferred to wrong accounts due to a mistake made by an employee of the State Bank of India. According to one report, due to a copy and paste error by an SBI employee, funds for Dalit Bandhu Yojana were mistakenly credited to the accounts of 15 Lotus Hospital employees. Rs 10 lakh each was deposited into the account of these Lotus Hospital employees. However, this fund was for the Telangana government’s Dalit Brothers Welfare Program.

According to Saifabad Police in Hyderabad, an employee of SBI Rangareddy Collectorate on April 24 mistakenly transferred Rs 1.5 crore to the wrong accounts. Of the 15 people whose accounts were credited with Rs 10 lakh each, 14 returned the money. However, a lab technician named Mahesh did not return the money.

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“As soon as they realized the mistake, the bank officials called the employees and asked them to return the money. 14 employees returned the money. However, the lab technician Mahesh did not send the money because he was not available by phone.” This was stated by a senior official, according to the report.

Mahesh felt that Rs 10 lakh had been deposited in his account under a government scheme. So he used some of that money to pay off his debts. “Despite repeated requests, he did not return the money. As a result, on Wednesday, a bank official filed a complaint and a case was registered against Mahesh under section 403 of the IPC,” a senior official said.

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The joke is that the Saifabad police have registered a case against Mahesh, but no case has been registered against the SBI employee who caused the whole mess. Mahesh has repaid Rs 6 lakh 70 thousand, but the bank still has Rs 3 lakh 30 thousand left. The official also said that everyone had to suffer unnecessarily because of a copy-paste error by a bank employee.

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