Sunil Gavaskar’s controversial statement about Heitmeyer’s wife; RR vs CSK…

Former Indian cricketer Sunil Gavaskar is one of the critics known for his hilarious remarks in the comment box. However, during the Rajasthan Royals vs Chennai Super Kings match yesterday, Sunil Gavaskar made a funny statement during the commentary. Sunil Gavaskar’s statement about the wife of West Indies player Shimron Heitmeyer has caused controversy. Many have called Gavaskar’s statement libelous.

Heitmeier was named in the squad for the match against Chennai. Heitmeyer came up to bat. Heitmeyer was expected to bat on the assumption that the team’s net run rate would be higher than Chennai’s. When Heitmeyer was on the field and being placed in the box, Gavaskar made a joke before playing the first ball.

“The big question is if Shimron Heitmeyer’s wife has just given birth, can Heitmeyer now give birth for the Rajasthan Royals?” Gavaskar said. Gavaskar, referring to Hetmay’s wife giving birth, said that the word “surrender” was playing on the word “surrender” in the sense of doing something in the sense of doing something. Hearing this statement from Gavaskar, he could tell from the sound that people started laughing in the comment box. Gavaskar’s statement is now being criticized.

Shimron Heitmeyer has recently received the Putra Ratna. For this reason, Heitmeyer took a break from IPL 2022 and went home to spend time with his family. Gavaskar made this statement referring to this.

Previously, Gavaskar’s statement about Virat Kohli, referring to Anushka Sharma, was also found in controversy.

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