Potato! For a lioness, two lions fought each other, but in the fight between the two, the lioness…

Potato! Two lions fight over a lioness, but a lioness fights between the two… See VIRAL VIDEO

You may have seen two men fighting over a woman many times. But rarely do you see two animals fighting like this. Take a look at the video of this fight between two lions for a lioness.

(Photo: Instagram/wild_animal_pix)

You may have seen two men fighting over a woman many times. But rarely do you see two animals fighting like this. It may sound strange, but it’s true. In animals, two animals fight each other to impress the female. Snakes also fight each other to get herpes. The females are the ones that prevail in these types of battles. The lion is considered the king of the jungle. Even if the name of the lion is mentioned, the limbs of the good ones tremble. Even if you hear his roar, the forest beasts run towards Saravara. But if these lions fight each other, then this battle is no less than a fierce battle.

In this video, which is going viral on social media, a lioness can be seen trying to hide behind a lion already standing to the side. In front of him comes a lion. This other lioness starts running towards the lion she is hiding behind. Then begins the battle for supremacy between these two lions. The two lions were fighting over the lioness. Two lions were fighting to get the lioness. Two lions fight each other to prove that they are entitled to the lioness. A fierce battle broke out between the two lions. The lions had fallen on each other so that they could catch the lion only if they won. The first lion attacks the second, while the second does not back down. There was a fight between the two. In the process, a lion falls to the ground.

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But the joke is that when these two lions were fighting each other, the tiger that these two brothers had sacrificed their lives for each other, ran away. However, the two lions continued to fight each other.

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Check out this viral video here:

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This funny video has been shared from an Instagram account called wild_animals_pix. In a very short time, this video went so viral that it has received 1.8 million views so far. More than 63.5 thousand people also liked this video. People are reacting to this video. Some users have also expressed the feeling that this is their first time seeing a battle between two lions. Some users said: “A lioness has caused a good fight between two lions.” As much as this video is fun to watch, the reactions to this video are also worth reading.

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