Navradeva was upset because he did something in front of Navri; He started the fight on stage, look…

At weddings, we have often seen that when the wedding guests go to the stage to meet the bride and groom, many people kiss the bride and groom out of love. Some even tingle them. Many future brides also enjoy it. But this does not always happen. Some brides and grooms also say that they can’t take the jokes played on them in marriage and then don’t have to tell them what happens next. A video of such a case is currently circulating on social media. Of course, watching this video will not make you smile.

In this video that has gone viral on social networks, you can see the bride and groom sitting on stage. Suddenly, someone from her relationship comes on stage and the bride steps back to take a photo with Navradeva. What came into that relative’s mind and pulled on the cheek of Navradeva who was sitting on the chair next to him. Navradeva didn’t like it at all, pulling her cheeks from her and she shuddered on stage. In the house of rage she gets up from her seat and starts hitting the person. The battle was not light. The boyfriend appears to have beaten the man until his cheeks turned red. Meanwhile, the bride tried to separate them, but her efforts were in vain.

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Check out this viral video here:

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This video is so much fun to watch. This video has been shared on a page called official_viralclips on Instagram. The video went so viral that it has received more than 1 lakh views so far. People are making different comments about this video. One user wrote: “That’s right.” Another wrote: “That should be the case with those people.”

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