Navradeva started dancing alone at the wedding, leaving the brides behind, the classic thing about this song…


A video of the wedding is going viral on social media. People are laughing out loud after watching this video. Because in it you see Navradeva dancing alone, leaving all the girlfriends behind. Her dancing is also very funny. People start to get surprised when they see Sajun Dhajuna Navradev dancing in her way. The other bridesmaids behind him also continued to watch. Take a look at this fun video.

In this video that is going viral on social media, it can be seen that in most weddings, brides and friends dance at the wedding to enhance the beauty of the wedding, but in the video that is now becoming viral, it is not the bride but the groom who dances at her wedding. In this viral video, Navradeva is seen dancing to the number one aunt’s song. In the middle of this song, she is seen doing classical dance steps. Her classical mix dance is very popular. While she was dancing, Navradeva has shown sweet expressions on her face. Her dancing along with her expressions generated a lot of discussion on social media.

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Seeing Navradeva doing such an amazing dance, other people also joined the party. The video was shared on a YouTube channel called Fun Tv. Seeing this dance of Navradeva, everyone has become the frying pan of it. After watching this video, people started sharing different comments about it. While commenting, one user wrote, “What bro, where did you learn to dance,” while another user commented, “I was glad to see your dance.” This video is getting a lot of likes on social media.

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Check out this viral video here:

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People liked this video so much that so far this video has three lakh views. More than 44,000 people have liked this video. While commenting, one user wrote: what is it bro, where did you learn to dance, while another user commented and wrote: “I’m happy to see your dance”. This video is getting a lot of likes on social media.

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