movie girlfriend!! In the style of Shah Rukh Khan, the bride sits on the hood of the car and prepares…


Many funny and amazing wedding videos are going viral on social media. It contains videos of the bride and groom, processions, floral offerings and fun family acts. One such video (viral video) is currently going viral on social media. The video shows the bride sitting on the hood of a moving car wearing a lehenga and jewelry. The movie is currently going viral on social media.

This video of the bride features dialogue from one of Shraddha Kapoor’s films. Shraddha Kapoor’s dialogue ‘Mujhe Shaadi Karni Thi Tumse’ plays in the background. In the video, the bride is copying Shah Rukh Khan’s ‘Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge’ style.

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Netizen reactions

The video of the bride has been posted on Instagram from an account called witty_wedding. The video’s caption reads: “Curiosity about marriage.” This video of the bride has caught the attention of people on the internet. In fact, if any video of the bride and groom goes viral, most users will appreciate it, but people have different reactions to this video. Many people are advising her from this video of the girl. One Instagram user wrote: “How are you getting married in the sun? You’re not in the car. You’re sitting outside.” Another user asked the Delhi Police if they were allowed to sit in a moving vehicle. He wrote, “hello delhi.police_official The video is being shot sitting on the hood of a moving vehicle काय what is this?”

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