It seems that ‘Kim Jong Un’ broke the Prime Minister’s security and…


A man dressed as North Korean leader Kim Jong Un broke through a security cordon during Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s election campaign. According to Bloomberg, the man broke in after the Australian leader left the manufacturing plant. Prime Minister Morrison Chisholm was in the constituency. Elections are scheduled for May 21 in Australia, and Morrison’s centre-right National Liberal Coalition is currently behind the opposition Labor Party in pre-election estimates. After Prime Minister Morrison left, Kim Jong Un appeared at the door and spoke to reporters for a while. He then pretended to be Howard X, who looked like Kim Jong Un.

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Kim Jong Un went to the facility claiming to be Howard X, who looked just like him. The man, who resembles Kim Jong Un, has previously been linked to North Korea’s supreme leader. Asked to leave by a member of the prime minister’s media team, he said: “Don’t tell the supreme leader what to do.”

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The actor did not answer questions about whether he belonged to any political party or movement. Australian police are investigating.

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