I was playing on the TV screen; Suddenly something the children did…; Look viral…


The children continue to make fun of their mother. Not only that, they also go for walks cheating on their mother. In today’s world most parents don’t have the technical knowledge, children take advantage of them and make fun of them. One such video has gone viral on social media, in which some children send their mother up to the screen to play a game on TV, but in the meantime something happens that makes you smile.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, a boy sends his mother up to a television screen and asks her to play a game. He tells his mother that if he pushes the ball up with his finger on the TV, he will go up, but the mother knows the children are laughing. In a few seconds a horrible image appears on the TV screen and a loud noise is heard. Hearing this, the mother gets scared and backs away. The children sitting in the front begin to laugh out loud, but the mother is very scared.

Uber Cab reserved at midnight; When asked how long it would take to get there, the driver replied “Paratha”.

A funny video with mom is going very viral on social networks, but some people are taking the kids out of this prank. The video has been shared on an Instagram account called rohiiits. This video has been liked by more than 91,000 people. After watching the video, one user wrote, “Brother don’t do that there may be a problem someday.” Another user wrote: ‘Mom is also thinking if you weren’t my son you would have thrown it away.’ In the same way, many gave interesting reactions.

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