“However easy that decision may seem to the groom”; Rohit Pawar’s…

“However easy that decision may seem to the groom”; Rohit Pawar’s emotional post for wife, because

This post by Rohit Pawar has gone viral on social media.

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Rohit Pawar is the MLA of the Karjat-Jamkhed constituency. Rohit Pawar is also very active on social media. They spread information about his work, people in the constituency, and many other things on social media. In addition, they share many special days and moments in their lives. A similar post he has written for his wife Kunti Pawar on the occasion of her wedding anniversary is currently being discussed.

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Rohit Pawar writes on his social networks “Dear Kunti! #HappyAnniversary The two women who have influenced my life are mom and you. Your support is invaluable. You are firmly behind me in every decision I make. Despite having a high educational level, you put aside your dream and decided to work as a housewife until the children grew up”.

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She further writes, “Since I am in public life, I cannot spend enough time with the children, so she has made this decision on her own. No matter how easy it may seem to the groom, I am aware of how difficult it is.” actually. That’s why your place in my life has always been special and special and always will be.”

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Today marks the 12th marriage anniversary of Rohit Pawar and Kunti Pawar. On this special day, Rohit Pawar has also thanked his wife.

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