He quit his job at Netflix with a salary of Rs 3.5 crore; After the resignation…

He quit his job at Netflix with a salary of Rs 3.5 crore; Surely you will be surprised to read the reason for the resignation

Man leaves Rs 3 and a half crore salary job at Netflix: It was a dream job for a big tech company.”

Man gives up salary of Rs 3 and a half crore at Netflix

Man quits Rs 3 and a half crore salary job at Netflix: An engineer working for the world famous American company Netflix has resigned. Now what’s so special about this? So, the annual salary of this person was three and a half million rupees. But since he was bored with work, he quit his well-paying job. From LinkedIn, this young man gave information about how and why he decided to leave his job and what happened next.

The man, identified as Michael Lynn, joined Netflix in 2017 as a senior software engineer. He used to work for the online shopping company Amazon. “When I started, I thought I would stay on Netflix forever. I used to earn 4 lakh 50 thousand US dollars (three and a half crores of Indian currency rupees) per year. I want free meals every day, as many paid holidays as I want. It was a dream job for a big tech company,” says Lynn in a LinkedIn post. So when she decided to leave the company in May 2021, Lean was wowed by many.

“At first my parents protested. For them, leaving my job was like turning a blind eye to all the hard work they put in to establish themselves in the United States. The person who was leading me became the other person who was opposing me. His advice was not to leave your job unless you had another job. Because he thought it would be very difficult to walk out of such a high-paying job and compromise salary while getting the next job,” Lynn said in the post.

All of this made Lynn think again. She thought for three days before discussing quitting with the manager. Speaking about leaving her job, Lynn said that she has learned a lot about jobs over the years. “Working at Netflix is ​​like getting paid for a case study done during an MBA course. They create notes for each product and make sure they reach all employees. So I was learning something new every day,” she says. Lynn.

But Corona changed Lynn’s entire company. I mean, things like working with people, spouses in the office, extra money for a good job, all ended abruptly. “There’s only work left. So I didn’t enjoy my work,” Lynn says.

“It just came to our notice then. To me, engineering resources were more important than engineering work. That’s why I wanted to work in product management,” says Lynn. That’s why Lynn started applying for the manager position. after completing two years at Netflix. However, since Netflix doesn’t have an internal reorganization mechanism, Lynn didn’t benefit much from the exercise. “I’ve never seen an engineer hired into a company to replace product management. That’s why there’s no chance of getting a chance as a product manager right now. So my salary started to seem unfair to me. When I started working at Netflix, I had a good salary and, most importantly, I was able to learn new things. But now I only get paid, there is no significant increase in my career, ”says Lynn.

Over the next few months, Lynn lost interest in her work, which affected her work. The April 2021 Performance Review warned that if she wanted to keep her job, she needed to improve her job. She resigned the following week.

Leanne feared that leaving such a high-paying job would affect her career and social life. But it happened against him. “I started my own business and I met more people, I met other entrepreneurs. I also met writers and content creators,” says Lynn. Now Lean says he’s very satisfied. “It’s been eight months since I left my job at Netflix. Now I am working on my own. I just started and currently the means of income are not available as they should be. But I am determined to work hard and I am confident that something good will happen to me,” says Lynn.

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