Havoc! Swiggy’s Eggless Banana Cake Order; But seeing the message written on the cake…

Swiggy gave a man a cake in Nagpur, Maharashtra, which is currently a hot topic on social media. Kapil Wasnik from Nagpur ordered a cake through Swiggy at a popular bakery in the city. But when the cake was delivered to Kapil’s house, the cake surprised him. When Kapil shared the incident on Twitter, users couldn’t help but smile.

While ordering the cake, Kapil asked, “Is there an egg in the cake?” That was the question that was asked. The answer to this question was written on the cake. This answer is now going viral on social media. Suppose you order a cake and he says, ‘Your cake has eggs in it.’ So what do you think? Something similar has happened with Kapil of Nagpur.

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Sharing a photo of the cake on Twitter, Kapil Wasnik wrote, “I ordered the cake from a famous bakery in Nagpur through Swiggy. I wrote in the order details: ‘Please tell me if there are any eggs in the cake’ but was surprised.” see the cake after the order came in. The answer was supposed to be in the Swiggy app, but the bakery wrote the answer on the cake.

The cake read: “This cake contains eggs. (Contains egg)” Kapil Wasnik shared the incident on Twitter and used #Swiggy in his tweet. The tweet went viral shortly after. Kapil’s tweet has received 20.2k retweets, 184.6 thousand likes and more than 3,082 comments so far.

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Swiggy is committed to solving this problem to the satisfaction of its customers. Swiggy apologized to customers, saying, “The restaurant associates misunderstood his instructions.” In response to Kapil’s tweet, Swiggy wrote: “Give us time to fully investigate this matter. Please share the order ID for further assistance.”

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Kapil’s tweet has gone viral on social media and many users are reacting. People can’t help but smile when they see this photo. One person said, ‘Dude, I’m sorry, but this is so funny.’ This needs to be reported दुसऱ्या ‘Another user wrote: “This is amazing. In fact, you can’t entirely blame the man in the restaurant. He has taken your words to heart. He has literally written your suggestion on the cake.” Many also told Baker how he had to go through the same experience because he couldn’t understand his instructions. One user wrote: “Why didn’t you tag the people at the bakery? Eggs are eggs and vegetables are vegetables.

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