Have you seen the largest railway in India? Combining four freight trains…

Super Sheshnag passed through the capital Raipur today. It was a long row of Sheshnag freight trucks. This freight train is as long as a snake, hence its name Super Sheshnag. Super Sheshnag has been built by combining 4 freight trains with a total of 237 wagons. A total of 237 cars were built by combining 60 + 60 + 59 + 58 cars from four freight trains. The train is actually called the Super Vasuki, which was launched from Korba.

The train was called the Super Vasuki and it started from Korba and passed through the Raipur Department of Railways via Bilaspur. The train is made up of four freight trains loaded with coal. People were shocked when the Southeast Central Railway, which was built by connecting 4 freight trains of the Raipur Division of Railways, passed through the stations of the Raipur Division of Railways today. Many have never seen such a long train.

The train left Korba at 12 noon and left Raipur at 1910. This train will reach Nagpur via Bhilai Power House, Durg. In this train, four freight trains were connected to each other. All the vehicles were filled with coal. All the cars together had about 187 cars, 4 locomotives and 4 guard cars.

The Super Sheshnag Train is by far the longest train on the Indian rail network. It has a total of 4 motors. Railways Minister Piyush Goyal also praised the Railways for this achievement. The Minister of Railways said in a tweet that after the success of the Sheshnag train in freight transport, Indian Railways has successfully run the ‘Super Sheshnag’. The train made its maiden voyage from Korba, Chhattisgarh in four freight trains totaling 20,906 tons.

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