Father! A trip for six people in an Activa; The last one on the fifth shoulder…


According to traffic regulations, only two people can travel in a two-wheeler and sit in the back. But often in India you see three or four people traveling on a two-wheeler. Sometimes even the rarest of the five has come to the fore. However, in one case from Mumbai, not one, two or four, but six people appear to be traveling on the same scooter. The video is being discussed on social networks.

The video, which went viral on Twitter, shows six young men sitting on a white scooter. One of the youths is seen sitting on the youth’s shoulder at the end of the ride. The video clearly shows a young man dressed in a black kurta sitting with his legs on either side of the shoulders of the boy sitting at the end. The six of them are seen traveling in a Honda Activa. The video is said to have been shot from a vehicle near the Star Bazaar in Andheri West.

A person named Ramandeep Singh Hora shared this video on Twitter on Sunday. “It just came to our attention then. Six people are riding on a scooter,” Ramandeep captioned the video. He also tagged the Mumbai Police Commissioner and Mumbai Traffic Police Twitter handles in the tweet.

The tweet received an autogenerated reply from the Mumbai Traffic Police asking where exactly this happened. Ramandeep responded to this near the Star Bazaar in Andheri West. The traffic police reported that we have requested the DN Municipal Transport Subdirectorate to investigate the matter.

However, no action has been taken against the culprits in this case.

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