Extreme rites in Musewalas: See the photos of the parents saying goodbye to the child…

Extreme rites in museums: Sehwag was surprised to see the photos of the parents saying goodbye to the child; He said, “from this pain.”

Musewala’s body was cremated on Tuesday in his hometown of Musa. A large crowd had gathered at his funeral.

Sehwag’s feelings on Twitter

Punjabi singer and Congress leader Sidhu Musewala, who was shot dead in Punjab’s Mansa district on Sunday (May 29, 2022) night, was cremated in his hometown of Musa on Tuesday. A large crowd had gathered at his funeral. At this time, it was seen that his parents’ pain was disturbed. Photos of Musewala’s parents crying as they bid their son farewell after losing their son in such a way at such a young age are becoming a topic of discussion on social media. Many have said that the photos of these two are very painful. Virender Sehwag, a former Indian batsman and native of Punjab, also shared a photo of Musewala’s parents and expressed sympathy for him.

The parents organized a meal for the fans.
Musewala’s fans from different states had gathered to pay their last respects to him. Musa is a village in the Mansa district. People from different parts of the country flocked to Musa village to attend the funeral of 27-year-old Sidhu Musewala. So the people from afar walked to the village of Musa in full sun. The police had cordoned off the area. After a few hours of waiting for the funeral, Musewala’s parents prepared a meal and a drink for him. Police initially had to use batons to cover the large crowd gathered outside Musewala’s house. At the time of Musewala’s funeral, his mother was standing near Parthiva full time. Musewala’s father, who was standing next to him, was being comforted by his father.

Attempts to meet soirिकe began
Sidhu Musewala’s father, Balkaur Singh, and his mother, Charankaur Sidhu, cried constantly. According to the Punjabi custom, the bachelor Sidhu Musewala dressed as Navradeva in his body while he paid his last respects to him. According to Musewala’s family, his parents were trying to pick up Sidhu’s son-in-law two days before he was killed.

The mother tied Sehra to the child, the father twisted his mustache.
Sidhu’s mother is the Sarpanch of the village. Sidhu’s father tweaked his son’s mustache. Singer Sidhu is often seen on the album of him stroking his mustache. Not only that, just like a wrestler strikes a hand to challenge an opponent, Sidhu’s father placed his hand on Parthiva’s thigh.

Sehwag too deep
By sharing these photos of Musewala’s parents, Virender Sehwag has given way to his feelings. “It just came to our attention then. No mother should be saddened by losing her child in this way at a young age. May Waheguru give strength to the family,” Sehwag shared a photo of Musewala’s parents with the caption. .

The tractor cart carrying Musewala’s body was decorated as a show car. The fan announcements continued unabated.

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