Exercise by hanging a sign on the road; Netizens are upset after watching a viral video…


If you exercise daily, you will learn a lot about its benefits. Exercise is very good for health. Some people exercise every day, while others are too lazy to exercise. You may have seen fitness enthusiasts around you who care a lot about their bodies.

Currently a video is going viral on social media. In this video, a person is seen hanged and exercising in a dangerous place, which has caused a thorn in the side of the people. You may have seen many videos on social media where people are seen exercising on top of a mountain, in a dangerous place, but the person seen in it is hanging and exercising in a place where if falls, limbs may be broken. .

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As seen in the video, the man exercised by hanging a board that indicated direction and distance on the road. This panel appears to be mounted at a very high height. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving office. In this video we can see that this person is holding the iron bars of that panel and with the help of it he is exercising. While he does all this, the person is not afraid at all.

Dhumakul is posting a video of this Chimukali on the internet; After seeing the viral video, you too will say: “This is a born dancer.”

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The video has been shared on an Instagram account called royalcarsz. This 12 second video is shocking people. This video has received over 1 million views so far. Thousands of people have liked this video. After watching this video, a user wrote a comment: ‘Can’t find another place? If he falls from here, his arms and legs will break.’ Most people are calling that person a fool.

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