Exciting! Video of a bus driver driving through the mountains of Himachal Viral

A video of a Himachal bus has gone viral. The driving skills of this bus driver are appreciated. No one can compete with these drivers from Himachal. With narrow roads, mountains on one side and potholes on the other, how do you get passengers safely to their destination? This is the question that everyone asks after watching this video. In this video you will learn how Himachal drivers drive heavy vehicles.

This video has been shared on Twitter. A Himachal Roadways bus can be seen passing the waterfall. It has mountains on one side and valley on the other. However, the bus driver drives the bus with no problem. When you look at it from a distance, you are afraid of how the bus will work in such a short distance. The video is said to be from Chamba a Killar.

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Netizen reactions

Some people even consider these Himachal Roadways drivers as real heroes. At the same time, some people were scared after seeing this video. One user wrote: “There is no shortage of talent in India. Only a skilled driver can cross this difficult road.” People saluted the courage of the driver. At the same time, a user has appreciated the bravery of the passengers. He wrote that I take my hat off to the driver and I also take my hat off to the passengers.

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