Elephants and आला suddenly appeared on the train tracks; watch viral video


Viral video: You may have heard the news of an accident due to the impact of a moving train on the tracks. Animals often die in train accidents. But now a video is going viral on social media and winning people’s hearts. Suddenly, an elephant appeared on the train. This time, the engine driver is being appreciated for what he has done. As the population grows, so do the forests. In such a scenario, the forests are declining due to the expansion of human settlements. This is having a direct impact on wildlife. There are many places in the country where train tracks run through the forest. But North Bengal Railways has shared a video that should not be underestimated.

What exactly happened?

A video has gone viral on social media, showing a giant elephant crossing a railway. The train driver applied the emergency brake to save the elephant’s life. The video clearly shows the elephant crossing the train track and the train approaching it. However, before hitting the elephant, the locomotive’s pilot applied the train’s brakes, after which the elephant easily crossed the track.

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The video of the elephant crossing the tracks was posted by the North Bengal Division Railway Manager on his Twitter account, saying: The elephant crossed the track at KM 23/1 between Gulma and Shivok at 17.35 yesterday and braked to control the speed of the train to save wildlife.”

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Netizen reactions

The ingenuity and vigilance of the locomotive pilot saved the life of a giant wild elephant, which people never tire of praising for driving a train. This video was posted on May 12. Which has been viewed more than 2.5 thousand times so far. One Twitter user wrote a greeting to the driver, while another congratulated him and asked for a reward.

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