“CSK Jaa Jaa Jaa” at Wankhede Stadium during the match between Mumbai and Chennai…

Mumbai Indians, who have won the title five times so far in the May 12 match, have given up hopes of four IPL trophy winners Chennai to make the playoffs. Mumbai won the match by five wickets and five overs with one ball to spare. Mumbai had set a target of 98 for victory. Mumbai hit the target with five wickets in hand. A hilarious video of Mumbai fans taunting Chennai fans at the stadium during the match has gone viral.

Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians fans also compete every year. Social networks are full of posts like who will win, who will lose, who is the best. In the match on May 12, Mumbai lost to Chennai and blocked the team’s path to the playoffs and gave Mumbai fans a good opportunity to troll Chennai fans. Two days after the match, many videos and photos from the match are still going viral on social media. One of those funny videos at Wankhede Stadium has gone viral.

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The May 12 match was a do-or-die battle for Chennai. However, in this match, Mumbai defeated Chennai and gave the Mumbai fans a chance to celebrate.

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