Case of contempt of the Prophet Muhammad: Farhan Akhtar targets Nupur Sharma’s BJP?…

Contempt of Prophet Mohammed case: Farhan Akhtar targets Nupur Sharma’s BJP? The informant said in a post: “By force.”

In Arab countries, the hashtag “boycott Indian products” is used to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Twitter.

Farhan tweeted about half an acre on Sunday night (Representative photo courtesy of social media)

Actor-director Farhan Akhtar also tweeted in a nutshell that the controversial comments made by the BJP spokesman about the Prophet Muhammad were being protested by both India and Arab countries. Protests broke out in Arab countries, prompting the BJP to take action against the two officials on Sunday. But at the same time, some have linked the tweet to Farhan’s Don Three.

What exactly happened?
BJP national spokesman Nupur Sharma has been accused of making controversial statements about the Prophet Muhammad during a news channel discussion on a news channel. Delhi BJP media chief Naveen Kumar Jindal has also been accused of making derogatory comments about the apostles, and the party has fired Kelly Sharma and suspended him. The BJP suspended the spokesman on Sunday, saying the party respects all religions and does not allow insulting any sect or religion. Following the incident, both spokespersons apologized and said they have respect for all religions.

Farhanchan Indicative Statement
While all this was happening yesterday, Farhan Akhtar tweeted at 23:39 with very few words but without directly mentioning anyone. In it, he posted a text saying that he should sincerely apologize. “A forced apology is never a sincere apology,” Farhan said. Currently, his tweet has gone viral.

On the one hand, it is said to be an indirect reaction to the controversy over the Prophet Muhammad, while on the other hand, some have linked it to Farhan’s ‘Three Dawns’. Farhan had recently said on social media that he had worked on the writing of Don Three. Therefore, there is confusion among his followers about whether this post is about current issues or if it is part of that writing. Anyway, many have given different reactions to this post. Let’s look at some of those reactions.






From these reactions, it can be seen that both sides, those who support and those who oppose Farhan, are expressing themselves in this tweet.

Arab countries suffer
Iran, Qatar and Kuwait have asked Indian embassies there for clarification. In Arab countries, the hashtag “boycott Indian products” is used on Twitter and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also being targeted. Qatar summoned the Indian ambassador and issued a statement protesting Nupur Sharma’s comments. Qatar’s Foreign Ministry said on Sunday that it had summoned India’s ambassador to India, Deepak Mittal, to investigate allegations made by BJP leaders in India against the Prophet Muhammad. We have given you a statement regarding this objectionable and totally unacceptable statement. We are concerned that some people in India are making derogatory statements about religious figures. On this, the Ambassador of India clarified that this statement is not the opinion of the Government of India in any way, but the opinion of some two parties. According to Indian tradition, the Government of India respects all religions. He also promised to take action against those involved in such statements. Vice President of India M. Venkaiah Naidu is currently on a tour of Qatar.

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