Caring for a pregnant girl in the UK living in India; Retired after wife’s death…

Losing a parent is a difficult thing to deal with. It’s easy to talk about it, but it’s important to accept it and move on. Retired Indian Army Colonel Sanjay Pandey has shared on Twitter his struggle over the death of his wife and how he cared for his pregnant daughter in his absence. His posts have gone viral on social media.

The retired colonel wrote: “My wife died and a year later my daughter informed me that he would soon be a grandfather. I was a single father. The most useless man for things like pregnancy days, postpartum, baby growth. But I He was a fighter.”


She explained how she decided to be the ‘mother’ of her daughter. “I decided to be the ‘mother’ of my daughters,” she wrote. From the day she informed me, I learned about her traditional diet planning, researching day and night, YouTube, elders, books and everything. The laddu of the first 30 days is also ready. But there was a problem? Delhi and the UK!”

He goes on to say that this distance made things inconvenient, but he faced all challenges with full readiness.

“Vacuum packing machine, food grade plastic, frozen laddu for 96 hours, packing to be sent to the UK by parcel. The first batch saved my daughter’s life because she didn’t eat anything. After 15 days they were prepared and they froze other different types of laddu. Shipped on the 21st!” Written by Colonel Pandey.

He mentioned what we did to make sure that our daughter got the nutritious food prepared by the traditional Indian mother during her pregnancy.

He said that Corona was an obstacle for him, but he took care of his daughter as well as his wife. However, they still had a long way to go.

After researching, she sent more articles each month to keep her daughter healthy even after giving birth in Britain.

Explaining that it is our duty as parents to do what we have done, he wrote: A random thought started the tweet thread today. I am amazed at the response, hints and suggestions from Twitter friends. Blatantly admitting that all of you made me cry today. I love you all. “

Colonel Sanjay Pandey’s wife, Savita, passed away in 2017, after which the ‘Valuable and Sustainable Initiative for Timely Assistance’ began.

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