Call the police for noise pollution complaints; But at a Punjabi wedding…


What if there is no bhangra on drums at any Punjabi wedding? If you have ever been to a wedding, you may have noticed that Punjabi weddings last all night. If there are Indian-style weddings anywhere in the world, there will be dancing and singing. One such video is currently going viral. The video is from California and has been shared on Instagram. A Punjabi man in California was reportedly playing loud songs late at night. The police also attended the scene. But you, too, will be surprised at what happened next.

Neighbors at the wedding venue called the San Joaquin County Sheriff’s Office late at night to report loud music. But instead of stopping at the wedding songs, two policemen danced with the guests. In the video, the police are seen happily dancing to a Punjabi song with other guests.

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The video was posted on Instagram by Kanda Production Page, a California-based wedding photography company. The video was posted on April 15 and has been viewed 6.18 lakh times so far. The caption for the video, which went viral on Instagram, read: “Police called after complaint but this is a Punjabi wedding.” Netizens have also reacted to the video.

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