Assam’s dominant police officer wanted on social media; The future husband is the only …

An Assam police officer is being praised and hailed as a hero. This employee has shown that her duty to her is paramount. As soon as the policewoman found out about the alleged crimes of her future husband, she took action against him without thinking.

According to the North East Chronicle, Junmoni Rabha works as a deputy inspector in the Nagaon district. He has arrested her fiancé on charges of cheating. In January 2021, while Rabha was stationed in Majuli, she met a man named Rana Pogag. Rabha told the media that she had a sugar puff with Rana Pogag in October last year and that she would get married in November.

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However, Junomoni Rabha realized that Rana had cheated many by promising them jobs by claiming to be the public relations officer for Oil India Limited. He said they seized 11 fake ONGC stamps and various documents, including identity cards, from Pogag’s home. Rabha said: “I am indebted to the three who came to me with information about Rana Pogg and told me the truth. They opened my eyes.”

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Earlier this year, Junomoni Rabha came under fire after a phone conversation with MLA Amiya Kumar Bhuyan was leaked on social media. The MLA had warned Rabha not to harass people from his constituency. However, Rabha refused to bow to him and asked the MLA to break the rules set by the government.

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