Ajay Devgn-style stunts are expensive; that’s what the police did

Police have arrested a young man in Noida, Uttar Pradesh for performing a movie-style stunt while riding in two moving vehicles. Police also seized two cars and a motorcycle. The police reported this. Police said the action was taken after a video of the dangerous stunt went viral on social media.

After watching the stunts in the video, you may remember Ajay Devgn’s stunt in the movie Golmaal, where he is seen standing on top of two moving vehicles. Attempts have been made to do some of these stunts, but the results have been disastrous. An accomplice of the arrested youth is on the run and police are looking for him, police said. A police spokesman said the viral video showed a young man performing a movie-style stunt in two cars. The Sector 113 police station took action against the man after noticing the viral video.

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Rajiv, who was involved in a dangerous stunt, was arrested on Sunday and two Fortuner cars and a motorcycle used in the stunt were seized. He said the young man involved in the incident was on the run and police were looking for him.

A similar pattern was seen in Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. These stunt lovers from Ghaziabad are risking not only their own lives, but also the lives of other people who walk the streets to become famous. In Ghaziabad, these videos are going viral on social media, and the Ghaziabad traffic police are constantly cracking down on them.

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