A tractor driven on the tracks by this plate; If you can’t believe it, watch this…


You may have seen many Desi Jugaad videos on social media. The people of India are considered to be highly skilled in Jugaad. It is also said of Indians that there is no one in the world who is better than the people of India. A video of an Indian man juggling is currently circulating on the Internet. In a way, this man has performed the greatest miracle in the world.

This person has shown that he drives a tractor on the train tracks. This video is going viral on social media. This video shows a man driving a tractor on a railway track. You too may be surprised when you watch this video. By now you may have only seen trains running along the train tracks. But people wonder how this tractor could have gone off the rails.

The video shows a tractor driving along a railway. At first it looked like the tractor was going through the middle of the tractor, but in the next second it is understood that the tractor is actually going off the rails. A cart also appears to be attached to the tractor. There are stones in it. Now you may be wondering how the wheels of a tractor can run on an iron rail.

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In fact, this person has replaced normal tractor wheels with railway wheels. This is the reason why the tractor has managed to get on the train tracks. The video has been shared on an Instagram account called akshatkumar1601. This video is getting a lot of likes from people.

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