A paper-wrapped corpse on an airport conveyor belt? Watching viral videos…

If you’ve ever been to an airport, you’ve probably seen a conveyor belt. This belt inside the airport is a machine where passengers collect their luggage. After the plane lands, the luggage is taken out and placed on a belt, and slowly rotates. Anyone who sees his luggage picks it up and leaves. But recently a scene was seen on the airport conveyor belt that has taken people by surprise.

An amazing and equally hilarious video has been shared from this social media account on Viral Hog, famous for its weird videos. You will find this video amazing until you know the truth of the video. But when you know the truth, you will surely laugh.

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As you can see in the video, the ‘corpse’ wrapped in foil and duct tape is seen moving on the conveyor belt inside the airport. People are looking at it. Surprised to see this guy besides the luggage on the conveyor belt. Many seem to know the truth of that ‘corpse’. However, let us know now what exactly is this that appears in the video. It is not a corpse, but a statue kept in a clothing store.

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The video has received over 88,000 views and many have commented on the video. “People who ask why passengers weren’t surprised to see the statue know that if any luggage makes it to the airport, it’s through security baggage checks,” one person said.

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