25-year-old girl marries 60-year-old man; After marriage, the girl …


Wedding season is underway in India. Meanwhile, millions of couples get married every day. Many wedding videos are shared daily on social networks. These are videos that go viral for whatever reason. People say that couples are made in heaven. Today a video of boyfriends like this is going viral, which will also surprise you.

In this video, the groom appears to be in his 60s. At the same time, the bride must be about 25 years old. Everyone is amazed at the distance between the bride and the groom. After the release of this video, users of social networks are not convinced that this can happen. This video shows an old man sitting in a wedding suit. At the same time, the bride is seen smiling at her neighbor.

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After watching the video, you realize that the program of wearing the garland is over. After this, both the bride and groom are seen sitting on the stage. There is a gap of more than 35 years between the age of the bride and groom sitting next to each other. Seeing the groom, everyone calls him Babaji. Also, the groom’s beard is completely white. The funniest thing is seen in the video when the cameraman turns the camera towards the bride to make the video.

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The video shows the bride embarrassed to see the cameraman. She then hid her face in a blanket. This video has been uploaded from the Instagram page of bhutni_ke_memes. Most of the users are shocked after watching the video, while some people say that the girl is poor. That is why it is said that she married this old man. It is unknown at this time what she will do after leaving office. Maybe this video is also a joke.

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